Gorham Township

Gorham Local Roads Board

Gorham is an unincorporated township in the District of Thunder Bay.  It borders the city of Thunder Bay, the municipality of Shuniah and the townships of Jacques, Ware and Fowler. Gorham has 1025 residential properties, 19 commercial and 30 industrial properties. Gorham also has 11 managed forest properties, and 3 properties owned by the pipeline.

Every year, the Gorham Local Roads Board, within the limit of the money available and subject to the approval of the Minister, determines the work to be performed on the local roads in the Gorham area.  The board and the MTO provide maintenance, repair, and construction of roads within our area.

The Gorham LRB may also request safety studies (addressing road safety issues), replace culverts, and create or replace road signage.

Roads Board Trustees

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of the current Roads Board Trustee below:

David West – Chair – (807) 632-5739

Ryan Anderson – Trustee – (807) 627-1071

Shelley Tuomi – Trustee / Secretary – (807) 767-5800 – landline, (807) 357-8400 cell

Frequently asked questions

When is the Annual General Meeting?

Past Annual General meetings have been held in October.  It must occur before November 1st.  Notices are sent to each property owner by mail.

Who can be a Trustee?

Board members are elected from the ratepayers in attendance at the AGM.   All nominees must be at least 18 years old, be a Canadian citizen, must own land with their name on the deed in the Gorham area and have no arrears owing.

How are taxes collected?

The Gorham Local Roads Board is currently an “Opt-In” board which means it sets the levy to be collected and receives funds through the Provincial Land Tax office.  No separate billing is done.

What is Minimum tax?

The minimum annual tax is discussed and voted on at each Annual General Meeting.  It is the minimum amount a property owner pays.  All properties are assessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and taxes are based on that value.  The current minimum tax is $300.


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