Gorham Township

East Gorham Fire & Rescue

The East Gorham Volunteer Fire department is responsible for ensuring the safety of the East Gorham area and its surrounding boundaries, as indicated in the map below. In case of any emergency, it is essential to dial 911 immediately.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining our team to contribute towards the betterment of the community, please feel free to send us a message or refer to the “Join the team” section located on the right for further information.

Fire & Rescue Team

Fire Chief – Michael Heringer

Deputy Fire Chief – Gordon Frowen

Chief Medical Officer – Position open – applications being accepted

Human Resource Officer – Vicki Kutzak

Community Relations Officer – John Grandell

Frequently asked questions

In East Gorham is an unorganized community. We follow the Ontario Provincial Regulations, and  don’t issues specific permits.

Between April 01 and October 31 open air burning is permitted between 2 hours before sunset until 2 hours after sunrise if all the other conditions and regulations are met.


 There must not be a fire ban in place. It should not be windy or extremely dangerous fire risk.

The fire may be up to 1 meter high or across.

The fire must be 10 meters away from your home

The must be 3 meters away from any other structure, property line or flammable material.

The fire should be on cleared bare ground, with nothing that fire could spread to.

There must be always a responsible person there.

There must be a working hose and/or buckets of water in place at the fire.

You may NOT BURN plastics, petroleum products, rubber or synthetics or household refuse.

Link to the Provincial Regulations  https://www.ontario.ca/page/outdoor-fire-rules-and-permits

Call 911 and STAY ON THE LINE

You will be asked if you need Ambulance Fire or Police

Tell the Dispatcher where you are-(fire number, unit number, road  or closest intersection)

 As soon as they know where you are help is on the way.

 Answer all the questions, that information will be given to the Responders who are on their way to help you.

If it is a Fire be sure everyone is out of the home. Shut the door on your way out. Do not go back in.

Gather at least 10 meters away from the home.

If it is a Medical Emergency, follow all directions the Dispatcher may give you to help the injured or ill person. Gather all medications the patient takes and their Health card.

Being ready for Help to arrive

Turn on the lights

Is your Fire number and/or Unit number visible?

Is there someone who can wait at the road to show responders where to go?

Is there a clear path to the door? Big enough for a stretcher?

Are the steps etc. clear of trip hazards ?

Are pets safely in another room? They may get upset with strangers in their home.

For an EMERGENCY  -Fire or Medical Call 911

Non Emergency

Please leave a voice message on 807 -683-1355

Messages are checked regularly

You can call the Fire Hall at 683-1355 and leave a voice message saying that you would like an application and give your contact information.

You can Email the Fire Team at egfr.hr396@gmail.com a request an application

The hut protects the fire hydrant. 

It lets firefighters get water to fill the trucks.

Fire Trucks need access 24hours a day to it.  There is NO TIME to call out for someone to come move their car or truck.

Since there will be more than one truck and they are 35 feet long they need a LOT of room. And they need to be a certain spot to be filled.

That’s why we ask you not to park anywhere near the river or the red hut. If you are in the area, please park as far away from the river as possible. Thank you

Vehicles that have flashing green lights are used by volunteer firefighters and first responders to notify the public that they are on route to an emergency situation. Please be sure to move aside if possible as time is always a factor with calls. These members have right of way at intersections

Helping our fire department doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Simple things like keeping your house number, fire sign visible, parking away from the stand pipe, or pulling over for green flashing lights are extremely appreciated by the department.

If you are looking to lend a greater hand in volunteering for our Fire & Rescue team, we have multiple positions available that would greatly help the department and community. Positions such as board member, first responder, and youth volunteer programs, are all positions in need. Please send us an email at volunteer@gorhamtownship.ca and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a question? Contact us!

Have a question or a concern to bring up to the fire department? Fill out the form below and a representative from the fire team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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