Gorham Township

East Gorham Service Board

Local Services Board Meeting- May 27th at 7:00 pm

AT THE NORTH BRANCH FIRE HALL (396 North Branch Road) – Meeting is open to the public – Voting by residents only 

A local services board (LSB) is a volunteer organization that has the authority under the Northern Services Boards Act to deliver approved powers (services) to residents. These boards are set up in rural areas where there is no municipal structure to deliver services such as fire protection or garbage collection. Area residents vote to determine an LSB’s boundaries.

Each LSB is unique in the services it offers its residents. Some LSBs choose to provide only one or two services while others can have up to the full nine services that are available under the Northern Services Boards Act. https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90l28

What are the powers of a local service board?

An LSB can be approved to deliver powers, or approved services, to residents within the board’s geographical area:

Frequently asked questions

The Local Service Board (LSB) of Gorham has a clear and singular objective: to secure adequate funding for the fire service to ensure that residents receive prompt and effective assistance for both medical and fire emergencies. This objective is achieved in close collaboration with the fire department by determining the budget needed to maintain existing infrastructure, equipment, and training for volunteers. The budget proposal is discussed and approved by the LSB, which then adjusts the property tax levy to cover the approved amount. The LSB holds regular meetings, typically four times a year, and holds elections once a year to fill board positions. To be eligible to serve on the LSB, an individual must be a resident of Gorham and of legal age.

Our board is constantly seeking dynamic individuals to join our team and contribute to shaping the future of our community. If you are passionate about having your voice heard and making a positive impact, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to learn more about becoming a member

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